#003: It’s not wrong

At this moment, I can honestly say that I didn’t plan for any of this – whatever that’s in my head and in my heart now. This afternoon, I was pretty shameful. To the point where I had forgotten my own set of values and the good in me. I was hoping for a selfish piece of bad news. Feel free to judge me. I don’t like the situation I’ve gotten myself into. But believe me when I said I didn’t plan it. It is just as unexpected to me.

I can’t judge. The past me would have done it to the me now, though.

But then I remember. What human isn’t selfish? What person would want to be in a painful kind of love? Do we really have the choice to enter and leave a situation as we please? Can we choose who to love and who to hate?

Hating is pretty easy, to think of it.

Loving is hard.


“It’s not wrong to like someone who doesn’t like you back…in that way.

Why? How is that right? That’s stupid.

Coz it’s love. Love…makes you not give up, it makes you hope. If you gave up, forgot about it – then it just means that, the flames have been put out and the feeling s that once is became was.”


Even if it’s someone you shouldn’t love, it’s not wrong. Never wrong. Just love that person silently and in your own way.


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