#005: When It’s Someone’s Birthday…

…we camwhore…

Like…a lot.

Coz we rule like that.


Happy early birthday to Cavin who, by now should be in Tokyo. Urgh, envious. I love my colleagues, we’re fun like that. 😉

So the 365 kinda failed yesterday coz I totally forgot bout it and just played Dragon Age. 😛 But it still counts coz I’m posting this up either way.


2 thoughts on “#005: When It’s Someone’s Birthday…

  1. so jealous la! haven’t had fun in office since I left. haih, sad but true. but i guess if one wants to earn more and have career growth, then these are the sacrifices that have to be made. Have fun while you can and make the most of it! XOXO

    • Hahaha, awwww you left too soon (for me). I miss you and the stuff you say! XD Everyone’s leaving one by one, no fun. For me. Lol, me me me, sound so self obssessed. Lol, eyer i terasa with you dah. But it’s true la what u said. I still have to do my time here. XD Meet up soon.

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