#006: Of Headscarves

This is really a terrible photo of me, the more I look at it. XD

So it’s a bit vain to be posting photos of myself – especially unflattering ones but considering how late it is, it’ll have to do. It sure beats writing about emo stuff, that’s for sure. And this was taken today so…makes sense. ‘Styling’ courtesy of our web team’s own hair stylist, Elly! Not sponsored by Wendy’s but the scarf is Stef’s. Whahaha.

It’s been tough days for Stef and Elly but I’m sure that…somehow, just somehow, things will turn out okay in the end. In the end. Even for me.

I’m trying to keep things less hopeful on my heart matters at the moment or else the disappointment from the opposite happening will be too heartbreaking to survive. But I’ve been that way all the while. Why be hopeful of something so unsure, especially this time. If things work out my way, then great, I’ll be over the moon happy about it. But if nothing changes, it’s best I remain as I am now – in denial.

I kinda wish, though, that that was meant for me. The way some things are makes it really hard to tell whether what all this really is. But hey, like what I keep saying – who knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now or even a year from now…..


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