#007: Kate Voegele Aspiration Made Real Now

I was editting my story on Kate Voegele today and I realized something – remembered, more like it. A year or two ago, when I first fell in love with this talented artiste, I remember wanting to introduce her to people – whoever who doesn’t know of her yet. I thought of writing about her and sending it to …whoever who would be willing to publish it. I thought of just doing a whole write up of her on my blog. I thought of actually emailing her or her management people for more info or interview Qs or pix or whatever.

To think that a few weeks ago, without reason nor direction and definitely without much expectations of getting back a reply, I put together a bunch of questions and emailed it to her management peeps. Lo and behold, within a few days I got back my reply. And I had more than enough for my web stuff so I managed to get the thumbs up to include her in print too.

And today I realized that I had in some way managed to get some kind of contact with this person I admire so much. And it felt like, “Wow.” But that can’t compare to the realization of what I kinda dreamt a while ago is now being made reality – and at a much bigger…higher level of coolness/exposure than I thought of.

I thank God, that’s for sure.


Again the whole – the future is pretty unpredictable thingy wow moment. 😛




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