#008: Gifts from UNIQLO from God

Lol, I’ve been sounding very…holy but really, I’m far from it, unfortunately. I would love to be closer to God but, that’s another story. I now realize that Project 365 is pretty tough. Especially when it ain’t just a picture – only coz I don’t seem to take a photo everyday. Not here, at least.

Yesterday (I mean…) Today I went to a UNIQLO event and wow, they were very kind indeed. Let’s just say I got myself three pieces of clothing for…waitforit…RM4.70. Heaven-sent gift really. Felt especially thrilled over the checkered shirt I got!!! The right colour and everything. ❤

It was a good day. With the right people.

On another note, I wonder if I can give up on that feeling. But I realize that the thing I would want most from this person is for this person to be happy – is what I realized.

On another another note, I thank God for all these little happy things in these pretty sad and stressful times.


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