#012: Happy MidAutumn Festival

Last year I didn’t get to eat mooncake on this occasion but I remember volunteering at OzAsia in Adelaide and we got to carry this HUGE lantern in a parade – though it was just Tourism SA which meant that not many people took notice of us. That is including Andrew. Jason thereafter was forever wearing his volunteer shirt, the bright blue Santos shirt.

This year, I got to eat mooncake, even before the festival itself. My grandmother found these really old lanterns from who knows where so we lit those up with my granddad. 3/4 of the time it was just me alone outside on candle-lighting duty. Oh, my grandfather found these Pop-pops too (basically like mini firecrackers where you throw ’em on the ground and it…’pops’). And in between those and putting out the mini fire in one of my grandparents’ plants and chewing corn, I had another good accompany too. 🙂

But…there was no moon. xD


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