Sometime in mid-November last year, my team and I at The Cube Productions did a fashion photo shoot for my friend, Elly. It was something new for us since we’ve never really done something specifically for the purpose of selling the clothes but it was really fun. We can’t present the final shots that we’ve given to her but here’s a couple of the other photos we have. 🙂


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR people! Today is the second day of CNY and today we are showing you guys some of the photographs we’ve taken during the fashion photoshoot for Rachel’s friend, Elly, last year in November!

A lil bit information about the photoshoot, we were doing this for Elly because she owns a blog shop and would like to have some different photographs to present her clothing.

By ‘different’, I meant, instead of the usual cloth-on-mannequin photographs, she would like to have it on real model, showing how you can dress nicely. She sells vintage clothing hence the title ‘Le Ol School Fashion Photoshoot’.

Did you notice that one of our member is in the photographs too? Yesh! Our very own Ms Rachel is one of the models and this is her second photoshoot with TCP yo!

All clothing were provided by Elly. She is also in charged of…

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