She thought it strange the first time. The second. The third. But eventually, each time she cracked a smile without meaning to. And before she knew it, she found herself getting too comfortable and feared. Logic couldn’t make sense of it to her. Emotions only dragged her along. Thinking that she could give it a chance, she followed. 


Anxiety filled her. Joy sang itself within her. Curiousity questioned her. Hope dared to surface inside her. 


Then, Fear returned as Reality and Present showed themselves to her. Was it not going the way she had hoped for? Was all of it a joke, a trick, a prank? Was it all nothing? Hope had its thoughts. Logic had its deductions. And Fear had its accusations. 


So she tried a little but it was none the clearer. She tried again but once again, she didn’t understand. Despair lingered in and out with Strength, dancing together in a waltz. 


It was none the clearer but the deed was done. One thing is for certain and that is Time, will take its course and reveal this fogged mystery. In the end. 


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