Writing About Advice on Writing

There are two best writing advice I’ve ever received.

One, to not care about whether I’m using ‘big’ words or not.

The best piece of writing is one that can be understood by a majority of people. Because, writing, is about telling a story and about getting the message sent across. It isn’t about showcasing how many words you know in the dictionary – sure, it’s an attribute to be admired. I wouldn’t deny that. I envy it myself.

The second, is to just let all the words flow out. Just type. Just write. Don’t hesitate. Grammar and what not can be changed. It’s the idea that’s waiting to get out. From there, it’s only a matter of sharpening the piece, refining it, and giving it a polish.

These two tips may not be THE best in the world, or even for everyone. But it works for me and they’re the ones I remember and stick close to heart. It’s what I agree, believe and understand. It makes sense.

I want some chocolates now. 


2 thoughts on “Writing About Advice on Writing

  1. Good advice! I love that writing is about communication and thinking about the reader. And I think by writing freely and letting it flow gives the writing life and energy. Hope you found some chocolate! Hehe.

    • Haha, thanks for the lovely comment! Glad that someone else feels the same. Haven’t found the choc yet though. Hehe, have a great day! 🙂

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