Hi there. Do you know anger? Resentment? Hope lost? End of the line? When do you know that it’s really time to give up and it’s OKAY to give up? 

Being human can be so beautiful and yet so ugly. We know how to love but we also know how to hate. We know how to give but we also know how to be selfish. We can choose to ignore or simply be ignorant by character. 

Which side do you choose and is it a conscious decision? 

I fear a lot of things but above all, you are the biggest fear. I fear your anger. I fear your temper. I fear the simple words and actions that could trigger your anger; yet I wouldn’t have known that’s what it was until it was too late. I fear my fear of you. I fear the possibility that I can’t tell if this is really impossible or I am or you are. I fear what happens to me if I stay and if I go. 

I fear that this is a mistake. 


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