Pain. Heart-wrenching.  Frustrating.  Yet stubborness and desire are the two things that are on par in preventing any bit of effort. Stubborn to be unwilling to keep fighting for things to be fixed. Desire to be fought for.  A desire for change.  A desire to be worth it.  A desire to be understood.  A desire […]

[what could have been]

After what seemed like a very, very long time – 6 months – she met him again. She planned it. With hope that there was indeed that: hope. But she saw a back that didn’t turn. She saw his eyes that tried to not meet hers. She heard a story that seemed intended not for […]

Time for change

My Project 365/#366daysin2012 turned out to be only 57 days. It’s August. Well, since I’m not going to fill up the 1249543 days I’ve missed, it’s time to make use of this space with something else. There will still be photos. And words. Photos and words. But with the recent epiphany I’ve had for straying […]

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Yes people! You’ve guessed it right, they are the Wong Fu Productions and they came to Malaysia to meet all their crazy fans! This time around, only Philip and Wesley came, Ted on the other hand, was caught up with something back home hence he was like missing in action. Nevertheless,…

Originally posted on TheCubeProductions:
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR people! Today is the second day of CNY and today we are showing you guys some of the photographs we’ve taken during the fashion photoshoot for Rachel’s friend, Elly, last year in November! A lil bit information about the photoshoot, we were doing this for Elly because…


Recently I find myself sometimes wondering where am I going and what am I doing. There are so many things I’m unsure of and so many things I wish I could do. Self-confidence has always been something I lack. My thoughts are a mess. The one thing that’s dominantly blocking my flow of thoughts is […]

#024: How Long

How long can I stay like this? How long can I find this is okay and how long before I find this is not enough for me? How long before I turn greedy and want more, with the possibility of turning into a monster and destroying this and myself with it. Shouldn’t I stop this […]