Hi there. Do you know anger? Resentment? Hope lost? End of the line? When do you know that it’s really time to give up and it’s OKAY to give up?  Being human can be so beautiful and yet so ugly. We know how to love but we also know how to hate. We know how […]


There is no meaning to watching a screen; none whatsoever to wait for a status to change from ‘online’ to the blankness that is ‘offline’ and back again. But really, all you were hoping for—for just a breath of a second—is to see the status ‘typing’. There is no meaning to refreshing a feed, hoping for […]


Pain. Heart-wrenching.  Frustrating.  Yet stubborness and desire are the two things that are on par in preventing any bit of effort. Stubborn to be unwilling to keep fighting for things to be fixed. Desire to be fought for.  A desire for change.  A desire to be worth it.  A desire to be understood.  A desire […]

She cried

She cried not because of the words he said. She cried not because of the silence. She had told herself not to cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. She had told herself to be strong. She cried because she’s not enough. She cried because the answer is clear.


She thought it strange the first time. The second. The third. But eventually, each time she cracked a smile without meaning to. And before she knew it, she found herself getting too comfortable and feared. Logic couldn’t make sense of it to her. Emotions only dragged her along. Thinking that she could give it a […]

[this sucks]

You know what sucks? It’s when you thought you won’t easily give in, you won’t easily fall but then even when you’re confident, you slip. Like you never saw that neon yellow banana peel on the floor. Before you know it, you’re checking your phone every half hour. You’re stalking every hour. You’re hitting yourself […]