Hi there. Do you know anger? Resentment? Hope lost? End of the line? When do you know that it’s really time to give up and it’s OKAY to give up?  Being human can be so beautiful and yet so ugly. We know how to love but we also know how to hate. We know how […]


Pain. Heart-wrenching.  Frustrating.  Yet stubborness and desire are the two things that are on par in preventing any bit of effort. Stubborn to be unwilling to keep fighting for things to be fixed. Desire to be fought for.  A desire for change.  A desire to be worth it.  A desire to be understood.  A desire […]


She thought it strange the first time. The second. The third. But eventually, each time she cracked a smile without meaning to. And before she knew it, she found herself getting too comfortable and feared. Logic couldn’t make sense of it to her. Emotions only dragged her along. Thinking that she could give it a […]